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Cuticle Oil Pen (Twist with Brush Tip Applicator)

Cuticle Oil Pen (Twist with Brush Tip Applicator)

Glisten & Glow Cuticle Oil Pen

Just a twist away to your favorite cuticle oil!
twist style pen with a brush applicator!

Perfect for daily use, for your purse, desk at work, bed side table or even travel!

Recommended use: 3 times a day

Size: 2ml

Our cuticle is a custom blend of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, castor oil, acai berry extract, tree tea oil and fragrance. Our formula was specially created by the owner of Glisten & Glow, who is also a 26 year nail tech. veteran!

Benefits of Glisten & Glow Cuticle Oil Pens
- Hydrates cuticles, nail plate, eponychium, hyponychium and proximal nail fold
-Soften and protect all of the above areas
-Stimulate nail growth
-Improve texture of all of the above areas
-Increase nail flexibility, preventing breakage
-daily nail care maintenance

***Please use the drop down to choose your scent**

Fragrance Descriptions
(subject to availability)

⭐️Apple Fritters - warm, sweet apples, cinnamon, nutmeg with a touch of sugar - sold out
⭐️ Banana Nut Bread - Mouthwatering scent of freshly baked banana bread. A delicious combo of ripe bananas, roasted walnuts, warm vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon spice.
⭐️Blueberry Cobbler - blueberry bliss with warm notes of vanilla
⭐️Butter Pound Cake - rich scent of moist buttery poundcake with a touch of creamy vanilla
⭐️Caramel Apple - tart crispness of apple layered with the rich, creaminess of caramel
🏝Coconut - tropical, nutty, sweetness. Close your eyes and feel the island breeze while you sip that refreshing, sweet coconut milk!
⭐️Cinnaberry - spicy cinnamon blended with rich berry notes - NEW!!!!
⭐️Cranberry Pear Bellini - blend of sparkling cranberry sweet pear nectar and luscious black currant
⭐️Doughnuts - smells l like you just walked into a doughnut shop in the crisp morning with the scent of fresh, warm doughnuts, rolled in cinnamon sugar
⭐️French Vanilla - Mmm Vanilla, only richer! This is vanilla with a hint of egg custard
⭐️Fireside - a warm and cozy scent, a sweet and smoky blend with a hint of roasted marshmallow - NEW!!
⭐️Harvest - A warm and complex scent of spicy cinnamon blended with sweet vanilla, baked apple, and musky undertones - sold out
⭐️Holiday Cookies - Fresh baked sugar cookies with creamy vanilla frosting - sold out
⭐️Kumquat - a sweet and tangy blend of juicy mandarin oranges and pineapple - sold out
🌸Lavender & Lemon - flowing lavender fields with a burst of lemon
⭐️Lemon Chiffon- Tart and Zesty Lemon, with a twist of creamy vanilla sweet lemon pie.
⭐️Morning Wake Me Up – a hot cup of hazelnut coffee with a dash of French vanilla creamer and a dash of sweet.
🏝 Nectars of the Caribbean – delightful island fun and sweet fruit nectars - sold out
⭐️Orange Dreamsicle - Bright notes of orange, with a citrus twist, blended with vanilla and coconut. - sold out
⭐️Peppermint Twist - Blend of crisp peppermint with fresh mint leaves
⭐️Pomegranate Punch- A fresh and lights scent of sweet tart and pomegranate - sold out
⭐️Pumpkin Pie Paradise - blend of nutty pumpkin, spicy cinnamon, rich, creamy vanilla icing, and mouthwatering brown sugar
⭐️Sangria White Peach - sparkling fragrance is a wonderful blend of red wine with slices of ripe peach and juicy orange
🌸Spun Sugar - A playful blend of vanilla and caramel, very fresh and light. Enjoy the experience with notes of bergamot, orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit cotton candy, musk and wood - Sold Out
🏝Strawberry Margarita - Fresh, ripe and juicy strawberries blended with a hint of tequila, triple sec and a splash of lime - sold out
🏝Sun & Sand – tropical beach breeze of sweet orange, lemon citrus, fresh lavender, and powdery musk - sold out
⭐️Unscented – zero fragrance
⭐️Watermelon – Sweet & Refreshing fresh cut watermelon