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Glisten & Glow Hand + Nail Nutrition - 2 oz size

Glisten & Glow Hand + Nail Nutrition -  2 oz size

Glisten & Glow Hand + Nail Nutrition - 2 oz size
(2024 Update - New Packaging has arrived! The new 2 oz. size jar is a low profile style! Much easier to grab the product out of the jar and easier to carry in your purse or bag!)

What does this product do: Provides an instant non greasy hand and nail hydration for all skin types.
Allow your hands and nails to lavished with an amazing moisturizing crème based formula made from the best oils, extracts, proteins and waxes with an amazing fragrance.

Hand + Nail Nutrition helps prevent repair and protect by doing the following:
Prevent the nail plate from peeling
Prevents and repairs the skin around the nails from dryness and cracking
Softens Hang Nails
Strengthen Nails
Aids in repair of splitting nails
Moisturizes and refreshes dry cuticles
Relieves eczema

Recommended use: 3 times per day apply a quarter size amount of Glisten & Glow’s Hand + Nail Nutrition to all parts of the hand and nail, paying special attention to the cuticle area, nail plate and underside of the nail. Follow up with Glisten & Glow Cuticle Oil Pen for on the go hydration.

What do swatchers and bloggers say:
This morning I have @glistenandglow1 new Hand and Nail Nutrition to share with you all! This is a really smooth and creamy, but not greasy!, lotion for all over use on your hands, nails and cuticles. I used a nice dollop and rubbed all over, focusing on my cuticle area and fingertips as that is where I tend to be driest, especially as winter is approaching. I enjoyed the fact it just absorbed right into my skin and there was no oily mess after. The recommended use is three times daily focusing on cuticles, nail plate and underside of nails. This lotion will help to prevent peeling of the nail plate and repairs in any splitting of the nails all while strengthening the nails and moisturizing your cuticles as well. I followed up with her Cuticle Oil pen to really seal in the hydration! Her pen is a push click pen which I love! - Alison @apolishedcolleen

Glisten & Glow Hand + Nail Nutrition is seriously magic! I’ve been using it for a few days now and there was an immediate difference in how soft my hands were. My cuticles were so so hydrated throughout the day. Jill outdid herself again with this awesome product! - Joanna - @jannasnails