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Leo & Co. Premium Beard Oil

Leo & Co. Premium Beard Oil

Join Glisten & Glow as they proudly announce and celebrate their brother company: Leo & Co.'s launch of its first products of premium beard oil and cuticle oil pens.

How did Leo & Co. Come About?
Leo & Co. was created out of need! Jaren Ferranti (CEO of Leo & Co.) and Jill Rehm (CEO of Glisten & Glow ) went searching for an amazing beard oil and what we found just didn't meet our standards, so we said, let's create our own!

Months and months of talks, formulas, smells, packaging, labels, droppers, sizing, and trials and errors went into Leo & Co. and its products!

We wanted an amazing beard oil that had a light weight formula, creating softer, more hydrated and healthy facial hair experience! Not to mention, we wanted it to be easy to use, smell great (yep, custom made scents only here) and make it easier to style and mangage any facial hair. We also wanted our customers to have an unscented option as we know that everyone's sensativites and smells differ.

Leo & Co. Premium Beard Oil helps with the following:

Beard and Skin Hydration
Improves shine and texture of facial hair
Seals off split ends
Soften and moisturized any dry facial hair
Aids in beard and facial hair styling
Keeps the facial/beard hair smelling great!

Here's how to use it!

Instructions: Apply 2-3 drops of oil to your palms, spread evenly into your palms and fingers. Distribute the oil through your beard and mustache. Coat the areas on all sides of the hair and pay special attention to the ends. Comb your beard to set facial hairs back in place. Apply additional drops of oil if needed. For best use, use on clean/dry facial hair.
Repeat the process daily or as needed to keep your facial hair soft and conditioned. Enjoy!

How big is the bottle and what do I get?

You will get a .50 oz size /15 ml size blue glass bottle of Leo & Co. premium beard oil! It will come with a screw cap and a dropper inside of a plastic bag! You can store your cap or dropper inside this bag when not in use! And a great instruction card that explains how to use the product! New or Old beard oil users, we have got you covered! And the's perfect for travel (TSA approved) or on the go! We want your beard to be on point always!

What are the awesome ingredients in Leo & Co. Premium Beard Oil?
Leo & Co. Premium Beard Oil contains: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E */- Essential Oils and Frangrance Oils

What are the scent descriptions for Leo & Co. Premium Beard Oil?

Blue Spruce Farms - Fresh cut Douglas fir trees with the woody base notes of cedarwood and a touch of peppermint!

Along the River - Top notes of bergamont, fig and lemon paired with the wood and nutty base notes of walnut, sandalwood, oak leaf, cedar and white amber

City Nights - warm red ginger, crushed clove, cinnamon with undertones of fresh grapefruit and tuberose

Oaks & Apples - Tart granny smith apples with soft notes of McIntosh apple pair with the base notes of woody, fresh oak leaves and oak moss.

Unscented - Pure, clean and great for those who want no added scent to their facial hair! Zero essential or fragrance oils have been added!