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Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive

Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive

Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive

Size: 1 oz.

Beautiful blue glass container with screw top lid for easy storage.

Want to reduce the drying effects of acetone?

Here is your answer!

⭐️Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive is an additive that gets incorporated with 6-8 oz. of acetone. It allows you to protect and nourish your nails and skin when removing nail lacquer. Acetone is the best nail polish removal product, yet it causes your nail plate and skin to become very dry. It can also leave a white color cast on your skin and nails. Don't stress, Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive is here to help!

⭐️Ingredients: distilled water, glycerin, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, grape seed oil, polysorbate 80 and +/- fragrance oil

⭐️We have added many of the same amazing oils that are in our Glisten & Glow cuticle oils that are very moisturizing and calming to the nails and skin.

⭐️How to use:
Shake the Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive very well. You should see 2 layers of liquid (one more opaque than the other) just like salad dressing or waterproof make up remover.

Next, unscrew the cap and add 1/2 of the 1 oz. bottle of Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive to approximately 6-8 oz. of acetone. (you can add more or less just depending on your preference.)

Next, Tightly close all product caps (on both the additive and on the combo of additive and acetone) and shake again.

Next, fully saturate a cotton ball or cotton round with your new mixture of Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive and Acetone and remove your nail polish as usual.

Lastly, wash your hands with soap and warm water, paying special attention to the cuticle area and nail plate. Re-Wash again if you still feel oil or the surfaces are slippery. We love using Glisten & Glow Dry + Prep, after hand washing, and before our mani to remove any excess oil or debis on the nail plate. Dry + Prep creates the perfect pH balance and dehydrated nail plate.

⭐️Size: 1 oz.
⭐️Storage: We recommend storing in a cool, dry place with the cap on.
⭐️Shelf life is: 6 months

Please note: there is not acetone in the product you are ordering, this is a product that gets added to your favorite acetone.

We are offering Glisten & Glow Acetone Additive in the following scents:

⭐️Unscented - No scent added/no fragrance oil
⭐️Fresh Picked Apples - delicious Red Apples, Juicy, sweet and picked right from the tree
⭐️Pumpkin Pie Paradise -blend of nutty pumpkin, spicy cinnamon, rich, creamy vanilla icing, and mouthwatering brown sugar
⭐️Juicy Strawberry - Sweet, succulent, delicious, strawberry fragrance that smells like how summer feels.