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Glisten & Glow Minty Fresh

Glisten & Glow Minty Fresh

Polish Pickup Rewind After Party July 2022

🌿Glisten & Glow - Minty Fresh is a white based crellie loaded with mint and blue metallic flakes.

Inspo: Inspired by the element Fluorine (F) and it’s use in toothpaste! Keep that Smile Bright with Minty Fresh Toothpaste! If you know the maker, Jill, you know that she is an avid tooth brusher! She’s huge into dental care!

$13 - No quantity limits

***this polish will not ship until after July 7th***

Size: .50 oz

These dry to a glossy finish and we love the way they look with our Glisten & Glow Top Coat and Matte Top Coat also!

2-3 coats is recommended depending on nail length and visible nail line.