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Glisten & Glow 7 Days of Surprises

Glisten & Glow 7 Days of Surprises

Glisten & Glow - 7 Days of Surprises

Inspired by positive vibes and excitement when we see a new nail polish!

The 7 Days of Surprises is an exciting bundle of goodies!

Here's what's included!

6 - exclusive special effects nail polishes (never before made and won't be made again) (no creme's, no glitters)
1 - exclusive cuticle oil pen (never before or will not be released again scent)
1 - mini orange wood stick (cuticle pusher)
1 - mini nail file
all inside hot pink tissue paper inside of All in a fully lined and zippered black quilted polyurethane bag with an inside zippered pocket. (Perfect for on the go and travel)

There are ONLY 100 bags made! All are the same and will ship within 5-7 business days of ordering if not sooner. It will ship with other items if purchased at the same time!

Showing off our bags! On November 1st, 2022 for 7 days we will count down and show off all the goodies each day at a time. If you wish to open yours earlier that is totally your choice. Please note on social media if you are sharing what you got as a SPOILER ALERT as many enjoy the surprise factor.

We know that buying mystery items is always a gamble and this is our version of an Advent type box without holiday or religion themes included. The theme for the 7 Days of Surprises and names of polishes are reflective of the daily positive vibes and excitement we have when we see a new nail polish! All of this being said if you do want to the Surprises to be spoiled, we have sent it to a few media team members to share via social media and YouTube. (Caitlin Swatches on YouTube has her video up - )

These dry to a glossy finish and we love the way they look with our Glisten & Glow Top Coat and Matte Top Coat also!
2-3 coats are recommended depending on nail length and visible nail line.